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On the Counter-Intuitive Nature of Collision of 9/11

That grace was some incongruous cartoon

Where lumbar flame and melt and mould, as if

Droop bimetallic broke not sweat nor stiff,

Strong limber, and warped not its cold cocoon.


With model rend, not jigsaw nor balloon,

And graded dive, and blend and bled flame swift,

And seemed to slide and liquid through sieve sift,

It leered and led through lead its nameless wound.


In rejection of Simon Armitage’s “The Convergence of the Twain”


On the Cry of the Virgin Fox

Like child being raped the fox it shrieked

As though its pelt were pelted through the dark.

And fur on fir where spine contorted peaked

The fragrant fibres bristled ‘gainst the bark.


The shriek repeats, resounds, surrounds this freak

Of nature, brittle flesh this hooked staff breaks

And rips retracting raw and flapping weak

Torn canvas shreds of pleasure God forsakes


A stone through paper wet whose fellows, flint

That, wrapped round sticks and shafts with flimsy bind

A gleam in gloom, begat of earthy mint

The finest forge-work born of whimsy mind


Angelic rapeling in the dark I thought

But merely fox in grandeur right distraught.